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Ways to Reduce Road Accidents

In a year, more than one million people worldwide die of road accidents. People who suffer injuries and become disabled as a result of road accidents are more than 30 million. The road accidents deaths occur among people aged between 18 and 44. Poor visibility, drug abuse, use of alcohol, drowsiness, potholes, speeding, destroyed road signs and bursting of the tires are some of the cause of road accidents. Although today, drivers who break the traffic rules are fined heavily, road accidents have not yet reduced significantly. Many states have also added the number of special roads but this has not yet brought about significant improvements. Below are tips for safe driving.

A driver should not drink and drive. Driving, while one is drunk, is known as driving under alcohol influence. Slow thinking and slow response as a result of alcohol lead to road accidents. A drunk driver will also take more risks as a result of poor thinking and distance miscalculation. Alcohol is the main cause of road accidents.

The proper positioning of the rear view mirror and the side mirrors can reduce road accidents significantly. In order to maximize vision of the driver, the rearview mirror, and the side mirrors are supposed to be well positioned. Well positions side mirrors should only show the rear door handles. The car’s blind spot should also be adjusted. A car which is in the blind spot cannot be seeing using the side mirrors. So before switching lanes, the driver is supposed to look at the rear view mirror, side mirrors and look over his/her shoulder in order to determine if there is a car in the blind spot.

Safety belts can also reduce road accidents significantly. By restraining the driver and the passengers, they will not be thrown out of the vehicle in case of braking and collisions. Wearing a seat belt will control the number of road deaths and injuries.

Avoiding distractions is another driving safety tip. The main distractions which lead to road accidents are; use of mobile phones, eating, drinking and adjusting the music system. Taking your eyes from the road even for a few seconds can lead to a fatal accident. Drivers should avoid all the obstacles to attention.

Use of quality tires can also reduce road accidents. Tire burst is one of the main causes of road accidents. The pressure in the tires should also be adequate.

Lastly, keeping a safe distance between the driver and the car in front can reduce road accidents. In case of emergency or braking of the car in front, the driver will be able to stop his/her car without ramming into the car in front.

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