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Heat is removed from the inside of an occupied room in order to improve comfort of the occupants is a process done by an air conditioner. The process of air conditioning involves humidification, filtration, cooling and disinfection. This process can be used in domestic and commercial environments in order to improve comfort of humans and animals. Removing heat and moisture, cooling or dehumidifying rooms and also displaying and storing delicate products like art pieces are the functions of air conditioning. Most electronic devices have an in built air conditioning systems which cools and dehumidifies the space. All air conditioners have a fan which distributes cooled or conditioned air to occupy the space resulting to cooling effect while at the same time removing heat and moisture.

The applications of air conditioning include comfort applications, process applications and domestic usage. In process applications, the main aim of air conditioning is to provide suitable environment for a specific processes that is being carried out. The needs of the process is what results to conditioning and is not just human liking. Clean rooms for the production of integrated pharmaceuticals and circuits, environmental control of data centers, food cooking and processing, hospital. operating theaters, mining, nuclear power, textile manufacturing, physical testing facilities, facilities for breeding laboratory animals and plant and farm growing areas are some the process applications that require air conditioning.

As for domestic usage, air conditioning is mostly in homes and building offices. However the use and sales in this particular sector may have dropped because of strict regulations in energy efficiency and higher cost. As for comfort applications, the main aim of air conditioning is to provide a building a constant environment that remains despite changes in the external environment. The growth of buildings can increase significantly despite having air conditioning. Taller buildings that have air conditioning have no effect because speed of wind increases significantly with altitude thereby making natural ventilation impossible.

Various building types have air conditioning as the comfort applications and they include institutional buildings that encompass government buildings and hospitals, commercial buildings that are built for commerce purposes like malls, offices, restaurants and shopping centers.

Environmental effects and health implications are some of the negative aspects that are resulted from air conditioning. Air conditioning can prevent heat stroke and dehydration from excessive sweating and other problems related to hypothermia. Since the process of air conditioning involves cooling, poor maintenance of water cooling towers can promote growth and spread of microorganisms. Chlorine is used to make cooling water towers clean to avoid growth and spread of microorganism. Research to choosing the best AC repair services needs to be considered.

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